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What Our Volunteers Are Saying

"Jamaica. Oh Jamaica. I’ve been on many mission trips, but none that has captured my heart quite like Jamaica has. The people, the love, the atmosphere, all of it. I have had the opportunity to go to Jamaica a couple of times so far and fall in love with the place more each and every time. Every one is so kind and open and loving, and it’s very clear that God is doing amazing things there. ARK Angel Network is an incredible organization that has an amazing relationship with the people of Jamaica and it is an absolute pleasure being able to partner with them in doing work for the Lord by serving the people there. Can’t wait to go back again!"

~ Bethany Schar

Service Team Member

"The ARK Angel Network teams are genuine people loving on people, who selflessly give and work in kindness and love towards the world. Their leader and founder has a heart that is unmeasurable and she passionately builds meaningful relationships with every person. My experience with this ministry changed my heart and view towards the world. God is doing great things with this ministry and I recommend them for anyone who wants the experience of a lifetime."

~ Andie Hukill

Service Team Member

Aaron Brown's Story

Aaron grew up in Steer Town, Jamaica, where he met missionaries from the States when he was only seven years old. He spent his childhood looking forward to the arrival of these volunteer teams, while experiencing the challenges of generational poverty in his home life. Aaron still lives in Steer Town and now spends his time working to bring hope to his community through love and service. Aaron is the Team Coordinator for the ARK Angel Network and serves as the primary leader for facilitating daily activities with volunteer teams.

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