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Everyone Deserves a Chance to HOPE

Provide your support for an at-risk child in Jamaica.

Jamaican Children Are In Need of Advocates

Our lives were undeniably changed in 2005 when we realized the extreme need among at-risk children in Jamaica. Our mission is to provide love, hope, and joy to the unseen of the island through service missions, building schools, donations, and more.

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Become Part of a VISION

Join our outreach teams making a difference in Jamaica.

Our service teams provide hope to people in need and provide a new outlook for their lives. We build personal relationships with the communities we serve along with building schools, libraries, houses, and orphanages.

Help a Child LEARN

Sponsor a child's education for an entire year.

Just a small donation of $200 can provide a Jamaican child with an education for a full year - including school supplies, fees, uniform, and more.

Children Impacted To Date

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Find Something You Can Believe In

Our defining focus is to create sustainable change that has a long-term impact. We provide opportunities to change lives by stepping out and physically changing the world, one act of service at a time.

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Bring Hope to At-Risk Jamaican Children

Join a community of passionate individuals dedicated to helping children build a thriving future.