Dave Keller

Dave Keller

Dave Keller

Mr. David Keller has successfully worked for three “Fortune 50” Companies – Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, and Sara Lee. In the last two of these, he held Executive V.P. positions responsible for Engineering, R&D, Outsourced Manufacturing and Business Development.

In 1997 Mr. Keller left the corporate world and began his own Construction and Real Estate Company. Mr. Keller developed an International Portfolio, building condos in Costa Rica and selling property in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Mr. Keller has since traveled to China and became familiar with foreign investment programs. He serves as an EB-5 consultant throughout the United States. In this role, he creates strategies for U.S. Developers participating in foreign investment programs. He obtains United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Department project approvals, markets to foreign investors and manages the approval process for foreign investors.

He is currently the founder & CEO of Empyrean West, a consulting company that funds commercial projects through the federal EB-5 program (a job creation program) while obtaining legal green cards for foreign immigrant investors who invest in the program.

A few of Mr. Keller’s previous accomplishments include:

Formed a construction company which built energy efficient homes, exceeding national energy guidelines by 45%.Led Sara Lee team that developed a 49-day shelf life food product and created a $600MM joint venture between Sara Lee & Frito Lay.Led PepsiCo/Frito Lay team that developed low oil Doritos, Ruffles, and Cheetos. Additionally developed Frito Lays’ first multigrain salty snack, Sun Chips ($150MM sales year one).Developed and delivered leading edge cogeneration system for Frito Lay plant. Saved $2MM per year and established the only self-sufficient manufacturing facility.Changed market for instant coffee, by developing crystalline, rich looking product, versus traditional brown powder product.Led development and installation of solid fuel boiler at Procter & Gamble, saving $5MM per year.Developed and built houses on the coast of Costa Rica

Mr. Keller is a graduate of Purdue University, Emory University School of Business and was inducted into the Wealth Intelligence Academy real estate “Hall of Fame” in 2004. He holds a Professional Engineers License in Ohio, Georgia and Texas and is a Leed Certified Builder.

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