“Just want to that we are grateful for all that you and the team have done this summer and we want to say a big THANK YOU from the bright beginners family.”
~ D. Mclean

If you, or anyone you know are interested in sponsoring a student, or students, please make your tax deductible donation with a check to ARK Angel Network or click the link to our Causes page.

  • $150 per student
  • $450 three year commitment for one student
  • $300 per month to support a teacher or principal salary

School started Monday, September 7th – and we are pleased to share that with your help and giving, the flooring was replaced and they have enough new tables and chairs for all of the students. Over the past two school years, we helped with $1,500 donated to cover the cost of 10 students. This year over 40 are enrolled, proudly wearing the backpacks Brynn DeVries provided.

Thank you!