Did we forget to tell you how awesome our July trip team was this summer? This 2016 trip to Jamaica was an incredible week!

This year we spent our workdays at the Bright Beginner Kindergarten in Steertown surrounded by students, teachers and the community members we love. We accomplished an incredible list of tasks that helped the school respond to audit observations to help ensure that school opened for session in the fall. Our work included:

  1. Building kitchen cabinets, shelves, mesh door and mess windows.
  2. Building a cement walkway to the bathrooms and an awning to protect students from rain.
  3. Installing a new toilet and sink in the teachers bathroom.
  4. Digging and setting new fence posts to protect students and keep animals out.
  5. Applying a fresh coat of paint on the school.
  6. Delivering food baskets to four families in Steertown.

Our team of eleven did an amazing job following the lead of our Jamaican foreman, Gregory. Check out facebook for photos and more up to date information.

Thank you for your support of this organization. We are blessed to work with amazing people and are looking forward to continuing God’s work in 2017. We hope you’ll consider joining us!