We are a 501c3 public charitable organization (EIN 26-4146712), so your donations to the very worthy causes and the work we support are tax deductible.

We prayerfully seek your support and partnership as we continue to serve our community in Jamaica!  Please consider donating to help us support these needs. We are looking for 150 people who can donate $10, $20, $50 or $100 per month for 1 year. 
For one-time donations here is how far money can go with ARK Angel: 
$200 to sponsor a student’s school year // Covers Uniform, food and supplies!
$300 per month to support a teacher or principal salary
$1500 scholarship to support a mission team member who couldn’t otherwise afford to join us
$2300 to build a little blue house (See our July 2015 trip report)
$6000 to build a library and learning center in Steertown