How you can help

Ready to volunteer?  Great!  We have many volunteer positions available to help the ARK.  Whether you are a social media guru, fundraising maven or a hammer wielding life changer assisting us with our Little Blue House campaign, there is a position here at the ARK for you.  Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch soon to get you engaged!

Upcoming 2018 Trip Dates:

July 28 – Aug 4 // Back to School physicals and school repair, Priory, Jamaica

– Led with Illuminate Community Church (from Scottsdale, AZ)

August 8  // Early Childhood Education Conference- Compass Church, Grapevine, Texas

August 11 // Wishing Tree Women’s Conference- Long Beach, California

November 4-11  // Coffey Family- Home building project for a single mother – Jamaica

November 18-24 // Thanksgiving Team- Open Registration- 10 person minimum

December 16-22 // Christmas Gift Distribution – Open Registration – 10 person minimum

Dec 28 – Jan 4 // Illuminate Community Church – Mission Trip

2019 Trip Dates:

March 23-30 // St. Joseph Downer’s Grove Indiana – Alternative Spring Break

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